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You may be hesitant of seeing a clinical psychologist Adelaide.  However, it is necessary to develop acceptance of the situation you are in and seek the help of Human Psychology. At Human Psychology, we provide a high quality services provided by highly trained professionals. Every aspect of your consultation confidential and in compliance the Psychological Board’s Code of Ethics.  It is important to us to help all our clients keep their confidence with us by providing quality treatments. We provided customised treatments from our clinical psychologist Adelaide, which are based on the particular issues at hand. We are conveniently located in the central business district of Adelaide; Human Psychology is your partner help you the best version of yourself.

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At Human Psychology we have many experienced psychologists. We can recommend everyone to talk to one of our highly qualified psychologists. We offer only the most effective therapies in Adelaide for our clients. At Human Psychology we have been providing our Clinical Psychologist Adelaide service for many years. We are one of the oldest and largest psychology practices in here in Adelaide, South Australia.  We have a team of psychologists who are highly qualified and experience in the clinical psychology field. We discuss with you the different treatment options and help you discover the best therapy provided by our Clinical Psychologist Adelaide.

Individualised Consultation and Therapy from Clinical Psychologist Adelaide

At Human Psychology in Adelaide, all of our psychologists are highly qualified and are very well equipped to address various psychological disorders with effective and evidence-based solutions. Each session with a Clinical Psychologist Adelaide will take 50 minutes and the first few sessions will be focused on your experience. We take time to understand your situation from your point of view through healthy discussions of your feelings, behaviour, and problems in a non-judgemental environment. All our findings will help us tailor fit and develop new strategies and techniques for the best individualised therapy for every condition. We work with people who may be experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma, substance use disorder, eating disorder, adjustment disorders, sleep disorders, sexual disorders, somatoform disorders, borderline personality, psychotic disorders, and dissociative disorders. Some of these therapies provided by our Clinical Psychologist Adelaide may include cognitive behavioural therapy, cognitive processing therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, mindfulness and many other therapies.

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