Information for Child Protection staff

Human Psychology is the Employee Assistance Counselling (EAC) provider for the Department for Child Protection. Our highly qualified and experienced team of Psychologists understand the unique aspects of working for the Department for Child Protection, and are familiar with the structure, roles and operating environment of the organisation.

A critical incident is a sudden, extraordinary and unexpected event that poses an actual or perceived threat to an employee’s wellbeing that produces a strong emotional response that temporarily overwhelms the ability to cope.

Human Psychology’s Manager Assist Program is a unique concept designed to provide a high level of professional support to Leaders, Managers, Supervisors and HR personnel in dealing with complex and challenging people focused workplace situations.

Emergency Information

If you or someone else needs urgent support, help is available: 

If you or a friend’s life is at immediate risk, call Triple 000 straight away

13 11 14

Mental Health Triage Service
13 14 65

Beyond Blue
1300 224 636

Domestic Violence Crisis Line

1800 800 098

Call Now ButtonCall 1300 277 924