Our reason for existing is to make people think, feel and perform better both at work and in their personal lives to realise their potential. Human Psychology workshops are facilitated by experienced, Masters qualified Psychologists with in-depth knowledge of human behaviour and the psychology of change and how to practically apply this knowledge in to a workplace context.

 2018 Workshop Calendar

October 2018

Reducing Workplace Trauma & Burnout

Reducing Workplace Trauma & Burnout


Wednesday 24th October 2018
9.15am to 12.45pm


Reducing Workplace Trauma & Burnout explores the “costs of caring” and provides information, self-audit, skills and self-care processes and tools to support professionals working in tough jobs that expose them to secondary trauma.


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 2019 Workshop Calendar


Aspiring Women


Aspiring Women is an innovative and interactive professional and personal development program designed and delivered by Adelaide Psychologist Samantha Young that will help you get to know yourself, define success on your terms, eliminate barriers holding you back and develop a plan to realise your potential.

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