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At Human Psychology we help people to Think, Feel, Perform Better to realise their potential.

As psychologists, we use our deep understanding of human behaviour grounded in scientific evidence and commercial acumen to design solutions that work in the real world.

We know that changing how we think and act changes how we feel. Learning to think in new ways builds human capital.

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Manager Conversations



We work with people. With individuals. With teams. With CEO’s. With their top teams. With managers. With front-line staff. To deliver end-to-end training and development solutions which increase employee engagement, wellbeing and productivity.

Clincal Psychology



Organisations that will thrive and prosper in the 21st Century will use wellbeing and staff development tools intelligently. Human Psychology provide a range of services and solutions-focused interventions.

Clinical Psychology



Our psychologists work as a team with you to create a warm and trusting environment. They genuinely listen to you and design services to meet your unique needs with respect, care and confidentiality.

Clinical Psychology



 Human Psychology workshops are facilitated by experienced, Masters qualified Psychologists with in-depth knowledge of human behaviour and the psychology of change and how to practically apply this knowledge in to a workplace context.

“100% of your clients are humans. 100% of your staff are humans.

To thrive, we therefore need to understand human capital, potential, wellbeing, motivation, performance and engagement.

This is our real business.”


Samantha Young,

Managing Director