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Our Employee Assistance Program – Employee Welfare for Organisational Development

At Human Psychology, we believe that putting the welfare of every individual employee as the focus of your organisation’s development. We see this an effective way of reaching your organisation’s goals and objectives together and as a team. Our Employee Assistance Program aims to look into every client’s background, behaviour, personal relations, goals, and the issues and challenges they are faced with. This provides interventions that will develop their potential and discover new channels of motivation. Our team of professionals have the experience and deep understanding of human behaviour. Having a healthy, well-rounded employee who has the self-confidence to perform better in their individual role should be every organisation’s primary goal in order to succeed.

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Employee Assistance Program in Adelaide

The Employee Assistance Program is one of the unique services we offer at Human Psychology.  As professionals in human behaviour, we extend our expertise in the organisational level by providing developmental training and counselling. Our Employee Assistance Program aims to benefit both employer and employees, helping them achieve a healthy work environment. Human Psychology remains to be Adelaide’s leader in psychological and development services and has been one of the longest-serving practices in the field of psychology in Adelaide, South Australia.  We are located in the heart of Adelaide in Kent Town, less than five minutes from the central business district, and are open during weekdays from 9am to 5pm. We cater to individual and, or organisational bookings for counselling and training programs.  Book with us today through email at admin@humanpsychology.com.au or via phone at 1300 277 924.  Learn more about what we do at www.humanpsychology.com.au or visit us at 120 Rundle Street, Kent Town, South Australia 5067.

Psychology-based Employee Assistance Program

Human Psychology works with organisations to promote a conducive working atmosphere and a healthy employer-employee relationship through the Employee Assistance Program. The Employee Assistance Program aims to improve the overall development of the organisation through counselling sessions with the employees. At Human Psychology we are able to help improve employee well-being, mental health, and resilience while providing solutions that are practical and aligned to the goals of the business and the organisation. Through this positive and psychology-based approach, we provide interventions for employees that will increase their productivity and boost their morale at work. This program also meets duty of care obligations by employers to their employees and aims to help reduce staff. All our employee counselling services are treated with the highest confidentiality in compliance to the code of ethics while delivering effective and efficient solutions.

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