Bring Your Best Self


TRAIN YOUR BRAIN FOR FLOURISHING – Positive Psychology tools for Wellbeing


Thursday 9th November 2017, 9.15am to 12.45pm

The Lion Hotel, 161 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide


“The greatness of a man is not how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and ability to affect those around him positively” ~ Bob Marley

Workshop Overview


The Bring Your Best Self workshop is designed to be an experiential personal-development course based on Positive Psychology science to assist participants to design a flourishing life personally and professionally. The session is a combination of information delivery and interactive workshop with a mix of the most up-to-date psychological theory, practical applications of positive psychology techniques for individuals / teams, and numerous self-audit tools to apply positive psychology concepts.

Topics Covered in this workshop


  • Defining Positive Psychology and its application to the workplace and personal life
  • The neuroscience of happiness and wellbeing
  • Character Strengths and Core values
  • Flow, Mindfulness and Meaning
  • Resilience – how to build capacity to bounce back better
  • How to build psychological capital and well-being at work – developing a positive team culture
  • Action plan and goal setting

On completing this workshop, you will be able to


  • Understand the principles of Positive Psychology and the science of wellbeing
  • Identify your Character Strengths and Core Values
  • Understand resilience and how to build personal, team and organisational capacity
  • Implement a personal plan to improve wellbeing and resilience in your personal and professional life


Next Workshop

Thursday 9th November 2017, 9.15am to 12.45pm

The Lion Hotel, 161 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide

Early Bird Rate $262 (please use code BYBSNOV9 at the checkout)

Available until Friday 27th October 2017 – Spaces Limited, don’t miss out!

Clinical Psychologist Samantha Young

Facilitator: Samantha Young

Samantha is Company Director of one of Adelaide’s leading boutique psychology companies, Human Psychology. She holds a Masters of Psychology and Masters of Business Administration, reflecting her commitment and passion in delivering high quality, positive psychology and wellbeing solutions to South Australian business.


As one of Adelaide’s most renowned and experienced training and workshop facilitators, Samantha has delivered many bespoke training programs, executive coaching and professional and personal development programs. Her training programs are available to all levels of employees from executive management and company leaders through to front line staff. Samantha has a special interest in executive coaching and training for women.


Samantha provides training for host of public and private organisations in South Australia including Salisbury Council, Motor Accident Commission, University of South Australia, Adelaide University and The South Australian certificate of Education (SACE) Board. As a clinical psychologist, she is able to combine scientific theory with ‘real-life’ practical examples to make training more relevant and interesting for participants.


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