Aspiring Women (March 2019)


Friday 22nd March 2019, 9:00am to 4:30pm
Followed by networking drinks
The Lion Hotel, North Adelaide


Tickets only $399.00
Includes lunch, morning and afternoon tea, workshop materials, mindfulness and movement session


When did you last take the time to think about your life and what you want personally and professionally?

Do you know what success looks like for you and how to attain it?

Is 2018 the year you start to live your future?

Aspiring Women is an innovative and interactive professional and personal development program designed and delivered by Adelaide Psychologist Samantha Young that will help you get to know yourself, define success on your terms, eliminate barriers holding you back and develop a plan to realise your potential.

Why Aspiring Women

Every week, I am privileged to meet amazing women who are at a loss.  They are not clinically unwell but they don’t feel great. And ALL of them have negative scripts in their head that hold them back from realizing their potential.  ALL of them experience guilt for prioritizing themselves first sometimes, for wanting something more meaningful.  I love working with people 1:1 and have purposely designed Aspiring Women to reach more women, ALL women, not just for women who aspire to become leaders of corporations.  I love that as a goal, but it is not for everyone.  Success for you as a woman looks exactly the way you define it!

This is not traditional “Self-help”

Aspiring Women is not fluffy self-help, nor do I promise to transform you and your life in a day.  I won’t give you the answers but I will help you to find yours.  This is hard work and can be confronting and challenging.  I don’t know of anything worthwhile that is easy though, do you?  You are already enough.  You don’t need to be more or do more.  But you deserve to feel good about yourself.

What we KNOW works

If you had the tools to build self-awareness, manage negative thinking and realise your own personal definition of success, would you use them?  I have embedded proven, scientific methodologies drawn from clinical psychology into the content.  I know these tools work if applied consistently.  I have worked with women in a clinical and coaching capacity for nearly 20 years and over this time, have refined what works.  I am confident that this process can work for you.

Aspiring Women will help you work through these 4 essential steps…

Step 1: Know YourselfStep 3: Find Your Voice
Acknowledge your strengths, align with your values and honour your personalityLearn how to confidently and assertively communicate to allow you and your talents to shine
Remove barriers to change that stop us turning dreams in to goalsIndentify common communication mistakes women make
Reflect on the concept of “Success”Build your assertiveness
Define your strengths and values and increase self-awarenessHow to promote yourself without feeling awkward or arrogant
Step 2: Remove RoadblocksStep 4: Live Your Future
Remove roadblocks that are getting in the way of living your valued lifeCreate a foundation by developing an action plan
Challenge limiting beliefsLearn practical self-care strategies
Reduce perfectionism and fear of failureDevelop a more positive body image
Stop being a ‘People Pleaser’ and self-sabotageImprove your work:life integration
Fix the Imposter Syndrome


“Aspiring Women was thought provoking, challenging and provided me tools to focus on my goals, both work and personally”


 Aspiring Women is one of those defining moments in life when you realise it’s time to take action for you”


 “Aspiring Women helped to target goals and really set my mind on fire thinking about the possibilities, something that hasn’t happened in a long time”


“I am already thinking about life changes that will help me take better care of myself and improve work/life integration”


“My striving for perfectionism causes me enormous anxiety. Aspiring Women has helped me to face my self-sabotaging inner voice and gave me tools to enable my voice of self-respect to grow”


“Aspiring Women helps you realise the barriers you are creating and ways to break them. The fact that you share common themes and stories with others at the workshop makes you realise that success does mean different things and that ticking everything off a list isn’t success”


Next Workshop

Friday 22nd March 2019 9:00am to 4:30pm

(followed by networking drinks)

The Lion Hotel, North Adelaide


Tickets only $399.00

Includes lunch, morning and afternoon tea, workshop materials, mindfulness and movement session

Samantha Young

Samantha is Managing Director of one of Adelaide’s largest psychological services companies, Human Psychology. She holds a Masters of Psychology and Masters of Business Administration, reflecting her commitment and passion in delivering high quality, positive psychology and wellbeing solutions to Australian business.


As one of Adelaide’s most renowned and experienced training and workshop facilitators, Samantha has designed and delivered 100’s of bespoke training programs. Her workshops are available to all levels of employees from executive management and company leaders through to front line staff. Samantha has a special interest in executive coaching and training for women.


Samantha provides training for a host of public and private organisations including City of Salisbury, City of Adelaide, UniSA, Pwc Harris Real Estate and IPAA. As a clinical psychologist, she is able to combine scientific theory with ‘real-life’ practical examples to make training more relevant and interesting for participants.