We work with people. With individuals. With teams. With CEO’s. With their top teams. With managers. With front-line staff. Everything we do is about helping people fulfil their potential, whatever their level, to enhance the organisation’s performance and employee engagement.

Clinical Psychology

We believe Better People make for Better Organisations. To improve either it is critical to understand both fully.

Our training approach always combines an understanding of people and psychology with a pragmatic business focus. We use experienced consultants who can think on their feet. We don’t believe in using “off the shelf” packages, following management fads for the sake of it, running “feel good’ programs that aren’t designed to change long term behaviour or non-scientifically validated content

Human Psychology offers training and development solutions in the following areas:


Leadership Skills

Spirit Series
Leadership Conversations
Managing Challenging Personalities
Creating a Safety Culture
Building Effective and Engaged Teams
Leading Ethically
Managing Employee Wellbeing
Neuroleadership Series


People Skills

Effective Communication Skills
Mastering Change
Managing Difficult Client Behaviour
De-Escalation Skills



Aspiring Women
Being Inclusive/Unconscious Bias
Bully Proof Your Organisation



Reducing Workplace Trauma and Burnout
Positive Psychology
Mastering Stress
Wellbeing at Work
Radical Resilience

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